tagged: why is everything so difficult :[[[[[[[[[.

i really dont understand this mafia like situation going on with this town in bates motel it doesnt make sense 

tagged: i dont like it.


i’ll take my chance with aliens before i mess w/ whatever is at the bottom of the ocean

tagged: duke.

my brother is buying me a computer im so happy

tagged: god bless. now i just have to wait like a week for it to get here. let us pray.

Ellen Page photographed by Olivia Malone for The Hollywood Reporter, May 2014

tagged: Ellen Page. goddess.

i burned my finger the other day cooking and it hurts so much as;ldkca;lsdmkca;lsdkcmals;kdcmas

tagged: like 2nd degree burn. im so upset.


i think im very underappreciated

If Daenerys and Margaery were ever to meet, do you think that they woud get along or would there be some tension between them?

tagged: hell yeah hell yeah fucking right.


we should say the things we feel. it doesn’t help to keep it in.

hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (2014)

this movie just fucked me up on a whole other level

tagged: HELP. blind gay kid movie. movies.

i just hope at some point in the 50 shades movie that girl says ‘my inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves’

tagged: i cant believe that movie is actually happening skadlm;saldmc;aslkdmc;aslkdmc;as. wild.